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Home - based leisure

Home Based leisure

Name one type of food often provided by take away restaurants (1 mark)

Indian meals
Chinese meals
Fish and chips

Describe what customers need to do to receive a delivery service at home from a local Indian take away restaurant (3 marks)
Choose dishes
Telephone the restaurant
Order the food
Give address and often telephone number
Be at home to receive delivery

Name two leisure facilities other than take away restaurants, that provide for home based leisure. Describe the products and services they provide (6 marks)
Video rental shops - Blockbusters
Bookshops - Borders, Waterstones
Shops selling computer games - HMV, Game

Libraries lend books to their members. Usually there are a certain number of books you can borrow for a certain period of time. Libraries also lend cassettes and CDs. They provide newspapers for readers and often have computers with internet access for customers to use.

Video rental shops
Video rental shops lend DVDs, videos and play station games to their members. These are loaned for a certain period of time depending how popular the film is, whether it is a new release. They often also sell pop, chocolate, popcorn and ice cream. They may also sell both brand new and ex rental videos

Discuss the extent to which home based leisure provision in your local area meets the needs of young people in 14 – 19 age group:

Take – aways: MacDonalds, Pizza – Dominoes, Pappa Johns
HMV – buy computer games, DVDs and videos
Bookshops with books for teenagers – Borders, Waterstones, WH Smith

Jan O6
DIY is one example of a home - based leisure activity. Analyse why some people prefer home-based leisure activities to other types of leisure activity

Stacey Dutch

Firstly home based leisure caters for everyone e.g. disabled people who can't get out so they could spend time on the computer playing games. Furthermore people might decide to do gardening as their leisure activity as it will be in the fresh air, cost free and you can relax and enjoy it at the same time. Also people might not have the money to do leisure activities so the decide to do home based leisure as normally iti s cost free. Also e.g. playing on a computer or reding does not cost anything and can be done any time of year. Also with doing home based leisure you are very flexivle as it is not time consuming. Also there is a range of activities that can e done at any time, you can read as and when you feel like it for as long as you want. Whereas if you chose swimming as your leisure activity, the swimming pool might close before you got home from work. This is why people prefer to do home based leisure rather than leisure activities outside the home.

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